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Getting Started

Preschool should be a wonderful experience for both children and parents embarking on their next chapter in life. Our team enjoys building the relationships with parents and families from the very start of our journey together and then continue to work with you every step of the way to ensure that you and your child feel safe and secure- creating a happy and trouble-free transition for them and peace of mind for you.

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Settling In
Lots of nurseries follow a set procedure for settling a child into nursery. It could be one week of visits every day (a little longer each time), or 8 weeks of sporadic short visits. At our nurseries we tailor a settling-in programme specifically for your child – because what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for all. Once you’re booked in, we’ll sit and talk to you about what will suit your child best, and arrange a series of visits to fit the bill. If you want to stay and play a few times, no problem. If you’re nervous about naps, we’ll slowly work up to a visit involving a sleep. In short, whatever you and your child need, we’ll arrange the smoothest possible transition for a happy start to your child’s time with us.
Your child’s key person
Every child has a designated key person. Unlike many nurseries, we don’t allocate your child’s key person in advance – instead, we observe whom your child is particularly drawn to in their initial few weeks, in order place your child with the best person for them. There to monitor, support and encourage your child’s unique interests and development, the key person is your main point of contact. They will record your child’s individual learning journey and share their experiences, challenges and mini breakthroughs with you.

Following your child's journey

We continue to work closely with parents throughout their children’s time with us, running Parents Evenings, Workshops, and Stay & Play sessions.

Play hard, rest hard!

For those children who still need a nap after lunch, we lay the children down on sleep mats in our quiet room. We make sure that they have all their comforters and the warming knowledge that their key person is nearby.

Delicious food, fresh every day

A happy tummy means a happy child – which is why we cook everything fresh on site each day. Breakfast, snacks, lunch and tea are all included. A typical day? Fortified cereal, porridge or toast for breakfast, crudités and crackers at snack time, Ocean Pie and vegetables for lunch and a Pasta Bake for tea. Our 3-week rolling menus are varied and nutritious, packed with protein, fruit and veg, carbohydrates and dairy. Take a look at an example weekly menu. We don’t use nuts in the kitchen as a safeguard for children with allergies; and any other dietary requirements can also be catered for. All children have access to drinking water throughout the day. And because we love to cook, we love to cook with little ones too! You’ll often find a lovingly crafted fairy cake or a slice of banana loaf waiting for you at pick-up…

Our All-Inclusive Fees

As a leading childcare provider in Lymm we like to ensure our parents have flexible childcare. Our nursery fees are all inclusive. The fees include weekly French classes, Forest School, Yoga and mediation sessions, music and dance sessions and an abundance of outdoor play.

We have a choice of sessions starting at 7:30 am, 8 am or 9 am, year round or term time only full half or school day.